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Review: Creating Pelvic Floor Health by Shelly Prosko of PhysioYoga

First of all, I do not get paid for reviews. I find things I think I might like for my patients, or for myself, and I check them out and tell you about them. As you should know, Shelly Prosko of PhysioYoga has been on our The Pelvic Health Podcast a couple of times already (and I have done a little blurb on them in this blog section but I am still learning how to link them ). She graciously gave us her time and just her Skype presence alone made me feel calm. Actually, just thinking of her makes me feel calm. Yes, it could also be because she is a fellow Canuck. Treating patients with persistent pelvic pain is a passion of mine, as is educating myself on anything to do with the topic. I have

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