Patient Information

To make it easy for my patients, as well as save paper and the environment, I have listed my handouts here as well as some useful videos. During our appointments, I will direct you to this page and which one is best suited for you. Just click on the title to be taken to the handout.

For those of you who are not my patients, you are more than welcome to have a look or use them with your own patients, as long as you don't copy the work that I have taken time to put together and credit me if referring to my work.

The information and education in my work is not intended to replace professional advice or treatment so please make sure you are seeking proper treatment in conjunction with the information I am providing.


Videos on exercises and tips for integrating pelvic health into your day or exercise routine

Basic information about the female genitalia you should know if you are a female (and also good to know if you are a male). Some great exercises to get to know your body parts

Pelvic Floor Basic Info

Basic information about the pelvic floor, how it works, cues to activate or relax it, as well as some exercises you may be given. This handout is only a small summary of what we discuss at an appointment.


Lots of information regarding helpful tips for constipation

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