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Appointments are always completely individual and one-to-one for the entire length of your appointment. As each person is unique and each case is different, your consultation will involve a combination of the assessment and treatment modalities below. This will all be discussed and explained during each of your visits. 


Please contact reception at 

All Women's Health

What you may expect in an appointment

Detailed history taking 

Explanation regarding assessment procedure 

Postural and movement assessment 

Pelvic exam (external and possibly internal) 

Assessment tools may include:

  •  Real-time Ultrasound  (3D/4D)

  •  EMG  

  •  Pressure Biofeedback

  •  Questionnaires

Education regarding assessment findings and management  

Ongoing compassion and support 

Treatments may consist of

Education (always!) 

Goal Setting

Home exercises

Manual therapy


Vaginal Support Pessary


Follow-up consultations can vary between 1-2 times/week or 1-2 times/month, depending on the circumstances. This will be discussed with you on your first visit and may be adjusted in subsequent visits.

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