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Relax and Breathe...

So I had a little bit of free time a while back and thought I would make a little video on some tips for breathing and pelvic floor muscle mobility and awareness. This is often what I included when I was teaching my pain management classes, as well as what I teach to many of my patients suffering with persistent pelvic pain.

For those wondering what on earth "pelvicwod" means, it stands for Pelvic Workout Of the Day (WOD = workout of the day, which is CrossFit language but suitable for my plans...). My plan has been to add little videos under 5-6 minutes on Instagram and YouTube (and embedding into this site as I can) for pelvic floor health - this includes exercises or ideas and tips on pelvic pain, pelvic floor tension, pelvic floor weakness, pelvic floor health in exercise and sport, prolapse support and much much more.

So for now relax and breathe...


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