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Balls and Cones: Weights for pelvic floor muscles with Fiona Rogers

Physiotherapist, Fiona Rogers is back! She was our very first interview on The Pelvic Health Podcast and her company, Pelvic Floor Exercise, is our podcast sponsor at present. Go back to episode #1 and listen if you haven't already!

Today she joins me to discuss specific types of vaginal weights used in rehabilitation of some pelvic floor dysfunctions. No, we are not talking surfboard, olympic-style vaginal weightlifting!

There are quite a few misconceptions surrounding these often helpful devices, so sit back and learn and share.

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The episdoes will be available in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Links mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):


Pelvic Floor Exercise website

AquaFlex Cones

Luna Beads


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