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Pelvic Health Survey - Please help us improve pelvic health for women

For those of you who are unaware, I am on the road to a PhD through The University of Queensland (at present I am an MPhil candidate, but if all goes well, this will be upgraded to a PhD early next year).

I want to motivate and encourage women from a young age to get active and participate in the types of exercise they love, however pelvic floor problems like incontinence and prolapse cause many women to stop physical activity or to not even start.

As part of my PhD I am collecting information from women on their pelvic floor health and physical activity. I need women over 18 years of age of all activity levels (including those who do not participate in any physical activity) with and without pelvic floor problems.

If you are happy to participate in this survey click on the link below and please share this with your friends:

We value your input and thank you for contributing to our understanding of pelvic health among women.

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