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Special Episode: How to Help Pre & Postnatal Women Get the Coaching and Care they Deserve with M

Molly Galbraith is back in this super special episode brought to you by the Coaching & Training Academy from Girls Gone Strong.

Enrolments for the Pre & Postnatal Coaching Certification are only open for one week so get in quick, otherwise you will have to wait until closer to the end of 2018. Pre-sale enrolment (if you are on the list - if not, get on it and save $200) opens Feb 6, 2018 and it's open to the public Feb 8, 2018.

Today she is here to talk about coaching and empowerment. She discusses what exactly coaching is, how physiotherapists are also coaches, and how we really need to listen with curiosity to really connect and help our clients/patients. She speaks to importance of body embracement, particularly in the pregnancy and postnatal world, and what role we as professionals have in helping women with this issue. She addresses the GGS philosophy on the "people-focused" approach to coaching and how important it is to help our clients feel empowered in their own bodies and how things can go unintentionally, or sadly intentionally, wrong. Of course we can't learn everything we need to know about these topics in one hour, which is where the certification program comes in.

If you want to hear more about this certification program, go back a few episodes to hear more details about Molly, the Coaching and Training Women Academy, and the Pre & Postnatal Coaching and Certification program. If you are a physio, fitness professional or anyone working with pre and postnatal women (including all you male coaches!!!), have a listen and get on the list. If you are a woman in need of a program for yourself, check their online programs out!

Thanks for listening everyone!

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