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Accepting Pelvic Organ Prolapse with Haley Shevener

Haley Shevener joins me to tell us her story about being diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and how the advice she was given (and what she googled) contributed to her ending up in a dark space mentally, but how she overcame this and returned to her passion and love for movement and exercise.

Haley Shevener is a fitness professional from San Francisco, California. She is currently the Head of Methodology and a Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist at a local training studio called The Lotus Method, focusing specifically on training during the perinatal period. She works with both clients and the training staff to improve education, awareness, movement and support for women who are going through the transformative process of motherhood, and the trainers who work with them. Haley began training in 2005 but it wasn't until she became pregnant with her now-3-year-old son that she fully realized the lack of quality information and guidance for women during this chapter. Her personal and professional interests are especially focused on women navigated their athleticism while managing pelvic organ prolapse.

This podcast is brought to you by Herasphere, a free, evidence-based hub for women to access information and health and wellness in pregnancy and beyond. Herasphere also offers their flagship membership program, The Pregnancy Club.

The Pelvic Health Podcast episdoes are available in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud (click on the underlined word and you will be taken to where you need to be)

Links or people mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):

POP Fitness FB group

Julie Wiebe


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