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Adapting our Mindset in Exercise & Sport

Brianna Battles and April Wheeler both join me today to discuss our mindset around exercise, training and competition (see below for who they are and why I felt they were so great to talk to). This concept (and episode) is not just about CrossFit athletes. This is about anyone who strives to do better than the day before. Something we generally all want to do. But often this comes at a price, especially when we push beyond the boundaries of our bodies....the body we are in at this present moment.

Brianna has worked in the strength, conditioning and wellness industry for 10 years and has coached at various levels. She is the owner of Everyday Battles Strength and Conditioning, located in Thousand Oaks, California. Brianna coaches a variety of individuals, from professional athletes to novice, both in person and online. Her specialty is coaching pregnant and postpartum athletes. Brianna presents at state and national conferences, leads seminars and has created 2 online educational courses for both athletes and coaching professionals. She actively collaborates and networks with a variety of women’s health professionals and coaches. She mentors both athletes and coaches on navigating pregnancy and postpartum athleticism. Brianna is married and has 2 sons, Cade and Chance. After the birth of her first son, she deeply realized the need for more advocacy and quality guidance for the pregnant and postpartum athlete. Her business is an ever evolving effort to be who she needed as a new mom and athlete.

April has held her CrossFit level-1 certification for five and a half years. Professionally, she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy based out of Nashville, Tennessee, with a background ranging from developmental pediatrics to sports-based adult orthopedics. April uses her clinical knowledge as a physical therapist, and her creative background as a CrossFit coach in combination to provide her clients in both settings with quality, personalized care. She connected with Brianna when navigating her own challenges in fitness in regard to women’s health issues and she currently hosts an online platform, SHE Nashville. SHE is an acronym for Strategy, Healing, and Education; the three pillars April feels are crucial to training and treating women with pelvic health, pre, and postnatal concerns. This platform advocates for the education and empowerment of women in fitness, with the mantra “Every woman deserves access to quality education and the right to make informed decisions in regard to exercise”.

The episodes will be available in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Thank you so much to our sponsor of this episode: Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness.

Check out one of their online courses: Virtual Attendance of Better information for better care. Using evidence to inform practice with Dr. Steve Kamper and Dr. Neil O'ConnellFor their courses, including online courses, click here

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Brianne Battles

April Wheeler


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