Pelvic organ prolapse in Nepali women with Delena Caagbay

Delena Caagbay joins me to talk about her research on prolapse in women in Nepal, her thoughts on why they have a high rate of prolapse, as well as the ups and downs of PhD research.

Delena has been a physiotherapist with special interest in Women’s Health for 17 years in the USA and Australia. She graduated from Andrews University in Michigan with a Masters of Physical Therapy and worked in Boise, Idaho before moving back home to Australia. On returning to Australia she has worked in several private practice clinics on the Central Coast and in Sydney. Looking for a new challenge, Delena studied a Masters of Public Health and this was when she realised her passion of pelvic health education for women living in low resource settings. Soon after completing the degree a series of serendipitous events opened up the opportunity to conduct research on pelvic health in Nepal. Currently, Delena is a full-time PhD student at the University of Sydney and works part-time at Artarmon Physiotherapy with special focus on using Low Level Laser Therapy for complex pain including pelvic pain.


Links from the episode:

Published papers: Pubmed

Twitter: @delena_mae

Research Gate:



Noora Wellbeing:

The episodes will be available in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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