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Redefining Masturbation with sexologist Jodie Dunne

Jodie Dunne, is a sexologist (counsellor, coach and educator) that specialises in sex counselling and education in rehabilitation, her mission is to empower clients living with health challenges to improve health literacy and sexual quality of life. Jodie uses client centred, sex positive and educational approaches to address sexual function concerns. Jodie helps people find Peace, redefine Pleasure & rediscover Play, intimacy and connection in life with a chronic condition.

Jodie has been a health advocate for chronic conditions for more than 5 years and has worked in rehabilitation and training over the last 20 years. Jodie is a volunteer with QENDO - The Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc, The Lupus Foundation (Australia) and local Breast Cancer Survivor groups. Jodie has a Bachelor of Health Science and post graduate qualifications in Psychology, Human Resources and Sexology.

Kinstugi Sex Counselling and Education offers classes and workshops for individuals and couples seeking sexual enrichment in recovery, as well as educational programs to provide health care providers with tools to support the sexual challenges their clients face.


Thank you to our sponsor of this episode: Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness

The episodes will be available in iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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