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Podcast changes!

Thanks to everyone that has been listening and enjoying The Pelvic Health Podcast!

I have so much fun meeting, interviewing, editing and creating the show and have decided to try a new hosting site, Podbean (which is a little more affordable and has some neat features I want to try out too). But don't worry, you can still access the podcast in Apple Podcasts, however you will want to download the Podbean podcast app (click on the bold/underlined words to follow the links). It's like the Apple podcast app, just a different app.

In the Podbean app, as well as on the new podcast webpage, you can still listen, subscribe, search for podcasts, create playlists, etc, just like on Apple, however you will also now be able to help support the podcast by becoming a "patron"! I have created $1 and $2 per month pledges in hopes to reach a total monthly goal of $20 (which will cover my hosting fee cost alone) with some little rewards for those who do become patrons. These rewards will include shout-outs on the show, access to upcoming patron-only episodes and interviews, and your pick of an article or topic for a patron-only episode. Some of the patron-only episodes will cover research articles relevant to this field and extra special episodes. *Note - I just discovered the pledge amounts are in US dollars so here in Australia, the $2 could be $2.79 (depending on how our dollar is doing!). Thanks to Tom Astill for being the first to support and help with work this out!!

I want to keep this podcast free and I have looked at many options and this one sits best with me. You choose to support me rather than me choosing to charge you (that was the other option). It also may help me protect some podcast content, as unfortunately some people are using these episodes as part of other paid memberships.

So, please click on the "Be my patron on Podbean" picture up top or below, any of the links underlined above or just download the Podbean app to start listening (or continue listening any way you have).

Another Note - no doubt there will be teething issues. There already are. So if an episode is missing or the button to pledge is missing, sit tight, we will work it all out. Just remember the pledge amounts are in USD!

Thank you so much again for your support, whether free or pledged.

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