Physiotherapy for Gynaecological and Colorectal Surgery with Sue Croft

Sue Croft, B.Phty is a Brisbane Physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction including urinary incontinence, prolapse conditions, bowel management and pelvic pain for women, men and children. Sue is a passionate advocate for continence issues and speaks at physiotherapy, nursing and medical conferences and does many lectures to the general public.

Sue has discovered the power of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to both learn and disseminate information and she is determined to educate the public through her blogs promoting the simple strategies that can change the lives of those people with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction. Sue has written two patient-directed books: Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological and Colorectal Repair Surgery andPelvic Floor Essentials. These two books demystify the process and jargon of pelvic floor dysfunction and have been well received by patients, physiotherapists and specialists. Sue currently is a Committee member of the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Queensland Branch and has been involved with the Committee now for 27 years.

Today we discuss discuss information around pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence surgeries, among other pelvic floor surgeries. Find out how a physio can help before thinking of surgery, how "watchful waiting" is a treatment option, how physio can help before you have surgery, immediately after and in the long term. We discuss returning to running after surgery, pessaries, and the latest edition of her new books.

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