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Levator ani avulsion with Prof Peter Dietz Part 1

Prof Hans Peter Dietz is a RANZCOG subspecialist in Urogynaecology and an internationally renowned expert in pelvic floor imaging, studying pelvic floor damage. The levator ani muscle is part of the pelvic floor muscle group and Prof. Dietz has contributed greatly to the discovery of childbirth trauma to this muscle on ultrasound.

He is an advocate for the role physiotherapists play, as well as other health professionals, in the conservative management and education of pelvic floor dysfunction. He is also an advocate for patients and is one of the co-founders of The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA), along with Amy Dawes - who has been on a previous episode of the podcast.

There will be 2 parts to Prof. Dietz's interview as he was very gracious with his time. As a thank you to our Podbean Patrons who support the podcast with pledges, a Patron-only episode will be added with Prof. Dietz discussing where we are in respect to surgical management of levator ani avulsion.

Be sure to download the Podbean app and please consider becoming a patron and supporting the podcast! There is a red button on the Podbean app once in The Pelvic Health Podcast section ("Be a Patron") in which you can tap on to pledge, or use this link.

Please note regarding Patron pledges:

Donations are listed in USD per month (so $1-2 USD per month), however they are charged to AUD. You can also consider pledging once and then canceling - however you do lose access to patron-only episodes. You can choose to pledge "$25 for a one-year/one-off payment", in which I can send you a Dropbox link to continue a year access to the Patron-only episodes.

Thanks everyone!

The episodes will still be available in iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. The Soundcloud hosting site will only allow a few free episodes so not all will be available through them.

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