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Relax and Breathe

Pelvic pain relief

Some little tips on breath and pelvic awareness. Great for helping with pelvic pain or even any kind of persistent pain...

Obturator Internus Mobility

Get some movement in your hip

A little hip muscle that is connected to the pelvic floor. Sometimes it can guard or compensate and become a nuissance. This exercise gives little movement/stretch to the area but should not hurt your knee or anything else. 

Breathing for Ab-mat Sit-ups

Not for all but may be for some...

You have to listen hard for a great breathing tip for ab-mat sit-ups. There is a closer, louder breath video on my Instagram account @pelvicwod (its a black and white video). Breathe in to reach back, start breath out just before lifting off ground and all way through to touch ground in front. If you can coordinate it, connect into deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with your exhalation. 


This may not be appropriate if you have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction - make sure you are seeing a qualified physiotherapist in this area if you are unsure or need help.

Push Ups

You need to Breathe!

Timing of your breath can help with decreasing intra-abdominal pressure, which can help with pelvic floor muscle function and take some pressure of those pelvic organs. 

Air Squat Breath

Some quick tips

How and when should you breathe when doing more than one squat in a workout? There is not right or wrong but here are some super quick tips to try in your next workout to help avoid holding your breath at the bottom (which sometimes can aggravate pelvic organ prolapse or cause some women to leak). If you still have problems, your body may not be ready for this yet.

2-Breath Burpee Tips

Add some more info about this item...

Some tips to help you breathe through burpees...if you must do them.

Box Jumps Breath Tips

Advanced Move

Some advanced tips for timing your breath with box jumps. Yes, as the going gets tough, the breath will be harder but still doable. 

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